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Forest Sunrays

2024 Events

Rite of Raven is more enchanting in person!

Catch us at one of our upcoming events. Click the photos for

each event to learn more. 


1/11/24 - 1/15/24

Interfusion Festival

Interfusion Festival brings together the like-minded from across the US and beyond for five days of learning, healing, play and connection on MLK weekend.

Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 under The Institute for Integrative Wellness (IFIW) with our first festival taking place at Dance Loft on 14th St. in Washington, DC as a celebration of the human spirit. Since that time, it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America bringing together the like-minded from across the US and beyond on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WEEKEND.

2/16/24 - 2/18/24

MYTHICON: Mid-Winter Gathering of the Fae

Mythicon is the mid-winter gathering of the magical folk of the faerie realm.  Faeries, trolls, goblins, gnomes, mermaids and other mythical creatures come together to push back the winter blues and plant the seed for a new mythical year at a three day weekend event. Celebrate the renewing energy of winter and the promise of spring with merriment and mirth of the con, the Time Traveler’s Ball and the popular Frost Faerie Ball. 


Westminster Hall & Burial Ground
513 W. Fayette St. Baltimore, MD



Spring Fairy Ball

Join us for the Spring incarnation of the Fairy Ball at Westminster Church in Baltimore, MD. 

At the Spring Fairy Ball, there will be Dancing to The Clipper City Crew Band and to 27th St Klezmer Band ! There will be Fairy Courts , where  The Winter Court may give or receive Gifts, the Bards will sing, and We will ask for a Costume Parade. The Power to Rule the Fae will be transferred to the new Seelie ruler of the  Summer months.
There will be TOURS of the CATACOMBS under the Hall.
All night the photo booth will be open  and Vendors of magical crafts will be present. There will be Wine from Royal Rabbit Vineyards at the Cash Bar.
At last the Seelie Monarch will hold their Court and receive and bestow gifts .
Will you take home a Prize for a costume that pleases the Fae?


4/4 - 4/7 2024

Art of the Belly

Since 2010 we have been bringing all genre's and levels of belly dancers together to experience the warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere that is Art of the Belly. We absolutely LOVE our attendees and strive to give all a chance to perform in front of one of the best audiences on the East Coast!  3 Shows,  Intensives,   and numerous Workshops with some of the Top Teachers in the World. We are a mini-vacation, educational experience and family reunion all rolled into one! Come join us and become part of the AOTB family!

Carosel Hotel, Ocean City, MD
     3 118th St. Ocean City, MD

04/12 - 4/14 2023

Ocean Renaissance

Ocean Renaissance is not only an event, but also a non-profit dedicated to saving and protecting the environment. With every ticket sale, a majority of the earnings goes directly to the Ocean Conservatory & the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. You can also join us in our mission by putting in a direct donation.


Carosel Hotel, Ocean City, MD
     3 118th St. Ocean City, MD



Baltimore Faerie Faire at Charm City Meadeworks

Currently, BFF is sponsored BY the Ocean Renaissance Foundation, a charity non-profit. Our festival is going to throw a small version of itself at the Charm City Meadworks on 400 E. Biddle St.!


5/4/24 - 5/5/24

May Day Festival

Rocky Point Park jubilantly invites you to share in our May Day Faerie Festival in partnership with Spoutwood Farm. On May 4th and May 5th, 2024, we’ll capture the magic and wonder of the majestic Chesapeake Bay once again to celebrate the adjoining, intertwined spirit of Spoutwood Farm with The Greenman, Lady Lucy, and our family of fae.

5/18/24 - 5/19/24

Bringing in the May 

Bringing in the May is a FREE Morgan Arts Council event meant to celebrate Spring and the return of flowers, fun, and ….fairies! Come join our revels… there will be much to rejoice, now on our third year!. The State Park will be filled with music and other entertainment, and vendors will offer their art and craft wares inspired by the fae. Our shops will have fun things for all ages, and there will be bubbles and fairies everywhere. Wear your wings, or wear your horns, any kind of fairie creature is welcome. (Humans must be accompanied by a fairie!)


6/22/24 - 6/23/24

KarmaFest Unity

We have an exciting KarmaFest line up for 2024!  KarmaFest UNITY, our “Big Show” will take place June 22nd and 23rd at Steppingstone in Havre de Grace, MD

KarmaFest is the ultimate Holistic/Psychic/Yoga festival founded by Patricia Hawse in 2005. Join us for readings, yoga, dancing, music, shopping, and more.


New York Faerie Festival

Dream a Fairy Tale Yet To Be...
The New York Faerie Festival

June 28-30, 2024
A Mythical Midsummer's Dream
Live Music - Unique Entertainment - Fine Arts & Crafts.

“She wanted to return to her dream. Perhaps it was still somewhere there behind her closed eyelids. Perhaps a little of its happiness still clung like gold dust to her lashes. Don't dreams in fairy tales sometimes leave a token behind?” ~ Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

garb sale_edited.jpg

JULY 2024


Get suited up for MDRF at the yearly Garb Sale in Annapolis! More details to follow. 

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